“My experience with the Brusco Group has been nothing but positive…Any time I’ve had an issue, they’re there immediately and it’s taken care of that day…They have a very friendly and helpful staff…”– KL
“I wanted to write to say that over the last 7 years I’ve been very pleased with Brusco. Their service and dedication to their tenants is beyond reproach. I would highly recommend them.”— GB
“Thinking of you and giving thanks for both. Thank you for all of the kindness, help, support, love and care when I come into the office every month to pay my rent. It’s deeply appreciated.”– JM
“I have lived at 332 West 87th Street for over 20 years. Two years ago the building was purchased by ___ Brusco’s company and during the following year the premises were renovated. The hallways were painted, new flooring was laid, and a new security system was added. Once the renovations were underway, I began to recognize how improved the building was. In other words, things had been pretty run down before. The final step was the recent retouching of the building’s façade. A couple of things could still be improved (the garbage area), but I find myself fortunate to live in a well-maintained building in such a great part of town.”EP
“I thought I would offer my insights about my experiences with the family business after 30 years of residency at 292 West 92nd Street.

In all that time, I have basically found them supportive, reasonable and responsible. They have carried me through lean periods when rent was overdue and my funds were low. They have made repairs promptly and professionally. When I call the office for any matter, large or small, I am always treated respectfully and usually with a swift response to my issue.

My acquaintance with ___ and ___ Brusco is strong and I find them to be stand up guys with little or no agenda except to satisfy their tenants’ needs. I have been able to argue loudly and strongly with no repercussions and when all is said and done, we quickly return to a genial friendship. I enjoy my apartment. They take care of my needs in the apartment and sometimes even offer a faster or more efficient route to solving any problems.

Landlords are generally perceived as “the enemy,” with their only agenda being to “raise the rent.” I have found, in my experiences with the Bruscos, nothing could be further from the truth.”RS

“I believe I’m the exception to the stereotypical landlord/tenant dynamic. I’ve lived in a Brusco building on the Upper West Side for many years. All in all, I can only characterize my experience as extremely positive.

Whenever there’s been a problem in the apartment, it’s been tended to in a timely manner. In fact, I’ve often scheduled a repair on the same day I’ve reported it. Also, once a work order is generated, I can contact the plumber, electrician, painter or contractor directly, without having to deal with a middleman.

Though I live on the ground floor directly facing the street, I’ve never felt unsafe. It has also given me many advantages: heat is immediate from the boiler directly below my apartment, water is from the city instead of the tank on the roof, a vintage elevator is not a concern and being right off the lobby means the area around my front door is presentable.

My dealings with the office staff are courteous and easygoing, and while my contact with the Bruscos has been limited, it has always been cordial and respectful.

I appreciate the ongoing responsibility of upkeep and repairs, and I love the fact that the responsibility isn’t mine, but the benefits are. In short, I consider this my home and I’m very grateful to be living here.”— SS

“I read the comments of tenants; the ‘Bruscos don’t do repairs and don’t return deposits.’ I don’t have a deposit. The last owner of my building – whom for legal reasons I cannot name – spent it. And the Bruscos, who bought the building in 1982, never asked for another one.

This is the same courtesy that the Bruscos have shown throughout my tenancy. They changed 271 into a decent building. The Bruscos pointed and painted the outside, they put in new weatherproof windows, they installed new water heaters (each tenant – courtesy of the last owner – had his or her own water heater and individual apartment heaters; so if the heating system failed, the tenant would vacate the rent stabilized apartment in desperation). The Bruscos keep the hallways clean and well lit, they repair the front doors and they put out the garbage. I should add that it cost me a fortune to hire my own plumber (is this under the previous owners?). Under the previous landlord, the only super I ever saw put out the garbage cans and nothing else. 

Yes, I am a grumpy old woman living in a rent-stabilized apartment, the kind most landlords want to get rid of. Instead, the Bruscos have replaced my water heater 3 times, replaced the pipes in my kitchen and bathroom, installed new fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom, repaired the ceiling lights, installed completely new wiring in the fuse box and given me 2 new floor heaters because they knew the apartment was cold. When I was ill in the 1990s and could not work for two years, the Brusco’s did not harass me about the rent; Celsa and Orchid called to check on me with great humor and with great tact.”DC