Q: How can I find out who the superintendent of my building is?

A: Refer to the information sheet received at lease signing; you can also find the super’s name located in the vestibule of your building.

Q: How do I report maintenance issues?

A: Call your assistant building manager at 212-595-9590, or complete of a repair request at the management office.

Q: When I call in a maintenance issue, how long should I expect for repairs to be made?

A: Emergency cases are handled immediately. Non-emergency cases are dispatched to vendors during regular business hours. 

Q: Who do I call when the office is closed and I cannot reach my superintendent?

A: The superintendent’s voicemail includes  emergency contact information for him. In addition, the management office includes emergency contact information on its voicemail. The number can be obtained by following all the voicemail prompts when calling after office hours.

Q: Does my building get regular extermination service?

A: The majority of our buildings do receive service. The exterminator service dates should be noted in the lobby of your building. Tenants are responsible for providing access on the scheduled service date. We ask that tenants report any conditions that they believe require service by appointment.

Q: How and to whom do I pay rent?

A: Please refer to the information sheet received during lease signing; it will provide method of payment.

Q: Do I need permission to move in/out at certain times of the day/week?

A: We suggest between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.

Q: Is rental insurance required?

A: We strongly recommend it. Tenants are liable for any damage which occurs to the apartment, personal belongings and neighbor’s belongings.

Q: How do I handle delivery of packages?

A: We recommend that you be available to take delivery of any packages or have a neighbor you trust take delivery. The management office is not responsible for package deliveries.

Q: What do I do with my garbage?

A: Please follow the NYC Sanitation Regulations provided:


All garbage is to be placed in the heavy duty, plastic receptacles (lids attached) provided in front of each building.

Tenants should separate all household garbage and recycling when disposing of items.

Recyclables containers are used only for recyclables. Each container is clearly labeled with a sticker affixed on the outside indicating its contents.

All paper, cartons, cardboard, and newspapers are designated for mixed paper-recycling containers only. Cardboard and paper should be broken down and bundled.

Mattresses/Box springs should be wrapped in plastic – you can find these plastic covers in local hardware stores.

Garbage/Recycling collection days can be found by calling 311 or texting 311692.